Manage My Fast Pass

Information below can provide fast access to information about your Fast Pass membership and email Busy Bee’s Fast Pass employees to answer anything more specific.


Frequently Asked Questions


Using Your Fast Pass

It’s simple. You can purchase a Busy Bee Fast Pass at any of our stores. The vehicle that you want to have the Fast Pass on must be on property for Busy Bee staff member to place the radio frequency ID tag.

Yes, if you’re account is active, we can change the wash you receive with your Fast Pass.  Contact

Fast Pass tags are not transferable between vehicles. Each vehicle must have their own separate RFID Fast Pass tag. At time of purchase we advise this clause so any new vehicles, (leased vehicles, rental vehicles, new purchased vehicles) must purchase a new plan.

Don’t forget to cancel your previous vehicles Fast Pass. To cancel (click here).

No. Per the terms agreed to at the time of purchase, Busy Bee does not provide partial month refunds, or credits. All cancellations are required 5 days in advance of the auto-renewal to avoid unnecessary charges. We have this policy because Busy Bee incurs expenses for all active memberships at the time of renewal. We can offer such affordable frequent washing, but it means our customers have to manage their cancellation requests on time. All cancellations will allow you to access the car wash tunnel on the registered vehicle for the paid period.

The RFID tag must be able to be adhered to your vehicle; the lower corner on the driver’s side windshield is the best place for our readers to consistently read and then process your car wash. If your window tint, or other RFID devices (Sunpass, gate/garage openers, etc) interfere with this then we can usually place the RFID Fast Pass on the sunroof (if available). If this does not work, then unfortunately the Fast Pass program won’t work for you.
We require the Fast Pass to always be adhered to the vehicle. If we find the Fast Pass is not stuck on the vehicle, then the Fast Pass may be terminated with no advance notice.

Sure, we can replace the RFID Fast Pass on the same vehicle for a $5 new tag fee. You can visit any of our locations, please bring with you a copy of the invoice from the replaced windshield service.

Billing Information

Many times you can – but you may not be receiving the same wash package or benefits.  Busy Bee has re-aligned many of our pricing due to the many changes in the marketplace.  If you currently have the following Fast Pass agreement, and will accept the change in service, then you can benefit from the lower prices.

If you would like to downgrade the service to receive the lower prices, please send email request to:  You must include your Fast Pass number.

HoneyCoat Wash & Wax Plan:  lower price of 29.99 no longer includes RainX Treatment or Under-carriage cleaning

Proctecting Wash Plan: lower price of 24.99 no longer includes Rust Inhibitor and Under-carriage cleaning

Basic Clean Wash Plan: lower price of 19.99 no longer includes Under-carriage cleaning

Economy Wash Plan: Lower price of 15.99 no longer includes the 15% discount off upgraded services

Your Fast Pass renews on the same day of the month that you purchased the Fast Pass.
(If you purchased on May 12th, we will bill on the 12th of each month. If you purchased on the 29th, 30th or 31st, when a month comes that doesn’t have this day, we will change the billing date to the 1st of the month – and keep it on the first.)

The quickest way to find the date, if you don’t remember when you purchased, is to look at your credit card statement. On the description of the charge will show you the date that Busy Bee submitted the charge. Some banks will post to accounts a day or so afterwards, so look at the description of the charge to know the date that we charge you. You can also check with Busy Bee staff when you’re at the car wash, or you can email us (Click Here). Keep in mind to avoid unnecessary charges, you should cancel 5 days in advance. Cancelling online is the quickest way to cancel.

Busy Bee incurs expenses for active Fast Pass holders whether you use the car wash or not. We can provide such an affordable frequent car washing solution, but our customer is responsible for cancelling prior to when the plan is renewed and recharged. For this reason, we do not provide any refunds for Fast Passes due to customers forgetting to cancel. We accept cancellations online 24/7. To cancel (click here).

Yes, you will receive an email confirmation after you submit your request.

You can now update the credit card on line as long as your Fast Pass is active.
Follow this link to our secure website in order to update your credit card: (Click Here).
If your Fast Pass account has already deactivated, you can re-activate the Fast Pass at the store. You cannot re-activate online.

We understand that many companies require you to submit a receipt in order for the company to reimburse you for this expense.
If you wish to receive your next Auto-Recharge receipts, please fill out the form here
Please allow 10 days to update the system. Unfortunately, we are unable to send past-date receipts.

Unfortunately, the system we provide does not allow us to change the billing date – but we can suggest a way that you can handle this. Simply cancel the next auto-billing via our form here. You will then be able to wash your vehicle through the last paid period. Then come back in to the car wash on the day that you want the auto-charge to occur, and renew the plan. This date will become the auto-billing date for future months charges. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to email us at

Busy Bee Car Wash gift cards can only be used for wash and detailing services; not to purchase Fast Pass or other prepaid plans.
If you’re using gift cards that act like a credit/debit card, such as Visa or American Express gift cards, then yes, you can use them to purchase a Fast Pass. Keep in mind, that most of these gift cards are set up with a specific amount, so unless you add more funds to the card, the gift card will not approve future months. When we cannot obtain approval for your monthly billing, then the Fast Pass will become inactive.

Cancellation Information

Yes. If you do not have your Fast Pass number, please contact us (click here) or send an email to with the following information:
First Name and Last Name
Phone Number
Email Address
Type of Plan (Economy, Basic, Protecting, Honey Coat) or or the amount you pay monthly
Busy Bee Store where it was purchased (Miami Shores, South Dade or Bird Road)
Last 4 Digits of the Credit Card on the account. PLEASE NEVER PROVIDE THE ENTIRE NUMBER.

Your account number is the same number that is printed on the radio frequency ID tag, your Fast Pass tag that was placed on your windshield. You can also find a sticker placed on the driver’s side door jamb. Also, we provided you with a wallet card that has this Fast Pass account number on it.

All Fast Pass accounts have 5 numbers, a + symbol, then 6 numbers. i.e. 12345+123456

If you do not have your Fast Pass number, please contact us click here or send an email to

If you have your Fast Pass account number, you can submit your cancellation request online 24/7. The request will be processed as quickly as possible, typically within 48 hours. Terms of the program require cancellations to be submitted in writing 5 days in advance of the renewal date. You will be provided a confirmation number and your plan will be active until your next billing date. You may continue to wash the registered vehicle during the active period.

Yes, you can use your Fast Pass through the last day of the paid period. For example, if you cancel your Fast Pass on January 2nd, and your Fast Pass renews on the 18th of each month, you can use the Fast Pass through January 17th.

No, you will not receive a refund. Your plan remains active until your next billing date. Per the agreed terms of the program that you signed at time of purchase, you can cancel at any time, but to avoid unnecessary charges, you must cancel your Fast Pass PRIOR to auto-renewal.

Email please provide Fast Pass account number and phone number; Or you can stop by a location to reactivate your plan.

Unfortunately, we do not offer this service at this time. Please cancel your Fast Pass before it renews so you won’t be charged for the month period that you will be out of town.