Fundraising Opportunities

Let’s face it, fundraising is a lot of work, no matter what level of funds you’re looking for. That’s why we’re making the whole fundraising process more profitable and convenient than ever. Instead of spending your weekend getting soaked to wash cars yourself, you can sell car washes to your friends and neighbors. This way, you don’t have to do the washing yourself, your friends get a quality car wash for an affordable price, and your organization will make large amounts of money quickly and easily. By taking advantage of our car wash fundraising program, we’re sure your organization will meet its financial goals.

Do I Qualify?

Any of the following organizations qualify for our fundraising program:

● Athletic Teams

● Church Groups or Synagogue Groups

● Community Projects

● Non-Profit Organizations

● Schools

● Service Clubs

How Does It Work?

We’ll make it easy! All you have to do is sell our car wash gift cards and we’ll give you a percentage of the sale. We’ll set up a specific time period for your group with a special sales coupon code and process, track and service the sales. At the end of the promotion, we’ll issue you a check. It’s an easy way for your group to earn money to meet your goals.

If you’re interested in this program, contact with any questions you might have.

*** Busy Bee’s Fundraising program is temporarily unavailable.  We are revising the program and will update this page when available.  Feel free to send us an email and we’ll contact you when the new program is ready to launch. ***