Cancel your Fast Pass

Busy Bee’s Fast Pass

Need to Cancel your membership?

All cancellation requests must be in writing so cancelling your Fast Pass online is the quickest way to cancel your account.

Simply fill out the form below and your cancellation request will be processed within 48 hours, if not sooner.  You will be sent a receipt once the account is cancelled.  In order to avoid any unnecessary charges, your Fast Pass request should be received 5 days in advance of your renewal date.  Once cancelled, you may continue to use the Fast Pass through the last paid period.

You may also cancel your account at any Busy Bee store as long as you have the Fast Pass account number.  A Busy Bee employee will complete a cancellation form for you and cancel your account immediately.  You will be provided a receipt confirming the cancellation.

Need to Cancel, but don’t know your Fast Pass account number?

You are able to retrieve your Fast Pass account number as well as cancel your account, but it may take a day or so longer.
Retrieve your account number:  CLICK HERE

Other Questions?

Call our Fast Pass department: 305 891 5889 x7
Someone is available Mo – Fr 10am-5pm
Leave a contact number and you will be called back if we are not available.