Important Message from Busy Bee Car Wash about COVID 19

As part of the transportation sector, Busy Bee Car Wash will remain open during the COVID19 crisis. The Federal, state and local government has identified 16 essential sectors that should do their best to safely stay open during this time.  The transportation sector with all those delivery service providers require to clean cars to safely operate.  Our police and first responders must be as available and safe during this crisis, and Busy Bee Car Wash with the express exterior model that we are operating is uniquely situated to provide a safe method of keeping vehicles clean and disinfected.

Busy Bee Car Wash has an automated system to provide safe cleaning, but we are taking even more extreme steps to make sure that you can safely keep our vehicle clean from COVID19.  Washing your car is part of the solution.

Please follow all recommended COVID19 safety practices, such as social distancing, washing hands, not coming to work with symptoms, wearing gloves.

  • Sanitation stations filled with disinfectant provided for customer use.
  • Sinks available for hand washing stations
  • Employees cleaning and disinfecting vacuum handles after use
  • Touch screen Pay Stations wiped down regularly
  • Hospital grade disinfectant provided free to all Fast Pass members and Police; additional fees for customers obtaining interior cleaning services
  • Employees keep social distancing from each other and all customers
  • Fast Pass members do not require any personal handling; windows may remain up during the entire time on property

It is widely accepted that Corona Virus can last up to 4-5 days on surfaces and that your vehicle needs to be regularly sanitized to prevent the spread of COVID19.  Other than home and work, people spend more time in their vehicle than anywhere else.  Keeping the vehicle cleaned outside and disinfected inside is an important preventative measure.  Regularly cleaning helps prevent the spreading of COVID19.




Have a look at the South Dade Location!

Miami New Times Best of 2018


CAR WASH FROM HEAVEN... should be this washes name! It's fast, easy convenient only if you go at the right time of course. I have been going to this car wash since they first opened when the car washed were only $3, no such mat machines or covers to block from the sun. I love the fact they have included all the other amenities, making the visit more suitable. Sometimes you have to fight for a space though and some people do not show proper etiquette but what you do with mankind really. Best tip you can every get: Try to park in one of the far corners and you should be ok. I just hope one opens up close to my area soon.

Free vacuuming? Is this a dream? No its reality at bb carwash. You don't have to fish for quarters only to discover that the suction is sub par like at your neighborhood gas station. They even provide these free car mat cleaner machine things. The car wash itself was great. I was impressed at how nice the staff was. Not weirdly nice but just decently nice. I will stop by the next time I'm in the area. Its next to Kmart in case you need anything like a birthday gift or shampoo.

Had a child get sick in my car. Dried vomit it was gross. Busy Bee took care of my car with great customer service. I'd recommend this place to anyone. Mike the manager was fantastic!

I love this place! Ladies who sell out front are fun and they really deliver what they sell. Best $40 I spent getting a good interior detail... and I get to take my kids through the drive through tunnel about once a week!