Gift Cards & Buy 4 Get 1 Free

Prepay Car Washes:

Gift Cards and Buy 4 Get 1 Free

Own a lot of cars? Or maybe you just have a car that needs to be washed a lot. Customers who frequently come in for a car wash have the option to pay for their washes in advance to receive a discount and a special deal. If you prepay for 4 car washes, then you’ll get the fifth one free. Start paying for your washes in advance to take advantage of this incredible deal. This promotion is for our Basic Clean, Protecting, and Ultimate Honeycoat wash packages.

We also have a Buy 5 for $5 each promotion. This allows customers to receive a significant discount even off the Economy Wash (regularly priced $6). Buy 5 Economy Washes for $5 each!

Once you take advantage of either of these promotions, we’ll give you a special prepaid card. This card can be used on any vehicle at any of our 3 locations. Depending on your specific circumstances, a prepaid wash will save you anywhere between $5 and $50.  All of our prepaid cards are rechargeable. And you won’t have to rush to get all your washes in by a specific deadline, because our prepaid cards never expire. So feel free to come in for your prepaid washes whenever you need to.