Miami Shores Services

Miami Shores Services

Miami Shores Car Washes:

Washes Include:

$6.00 (no tax) provides Soap, water and auto-chamois dry.  This wash is not eligible for other upgrades.

$8.00 (no tax)   Hot Wash for Tires & Wheels, Double Soap, Tri-foam Conditioner and, Undercarriage Washing

$12.00 (including tax)  All the services from the Basic Clean package PLUS Rain-X Treatment, Rust Inhibitor, and Tires Dressed for Shine

$16 (including tax) All tunnel services PLUS Lava™ Shine Enhancer and Simoniz© Hot Wax. The quickest wax service that will leave your car shiny and protected!

$3.00 for 4 minutes, additional 20 seconds per quarter ($0.25).     We have 4 self-service car wash bays that allow you to handle oversized vehicles, motorcycles or other vehicles that can’t fit into the tunnel. We do not allow bucket washing and Engine Washing is not allowed by law.  Available 24/7.  (Coin machines are available 7am-11pm)  No Security provided.

– Free Self-serve vacuums and mat cleaning machines are available, if you’d prefer to take care of your floor mats yourself.

Full Service Add-Ons

Looking to make your wash even better? Then you’ll want to add our Extra Care Full Service package. For an additional $12 (plus tax), we’ll thoroughly tend to every nook and cranny of your vehicle by hand to make sure your car is as shiny and spotless as we can make it.

The Extra Care Full Service package includes:

  • Towel Drying for your vehicle
  • Compressed Air Crevice Blowout
  • Window Cleaning
  • Carpet Vacuuming (vacuuming will not remove spots or stains)
  • Seats Dusted or Vacuumed
  • Dashboard and Center Console Dusting
  • Trunk Vacuuming (make sure to open your trunk, we won’t go there unless you tell us!)
  • Tires and Rims Shined by Hand
  • Floor Mat Cleaning (for an additional $1 per mat charge)
  • Air Freshener
  • Our special 48 Hour Clear Car Guarantee

– Please be aware that adding the Extra Care Full Service package for a limousine, SUV, van, or truck may involve an additional surcharge.

– 48 Hour Clear Car Guarantee applies to the exterior cleaning and only to the original washed car. Proof of purchase is required.

Happy Hour Discounts:

We offer discounts on Exterior Express washes from 6pm-8pm Monday – Thursday!

Miami Shores Detailing:

Exterior Detailing

We’re guessing you don’t only want your car to look good now, but you want it to keep looking good for a long time to come. That’s why waxing is so important. A good, high-quality wax can preserve your paint job (and the exterior of your car itself), because it basically serves as sunscreen for your car. Just as too much time in the sun damages your skin, the sun can severely damage your car over time. On top of that, we can restore that rich, glossy look your car used to have when it was new. So stop on by today and we’ll make your car the talk of the town.

Our Exterior Detailing Services Include:

$35, plus tax. Our fast 1-step wax process professionally applies wax with an orbital polisher which will protect the luster of your vehicles finish.

$79, plus tax (does not including wash). We start by exfoliating your vehicle’s finish with Nano technology before applying the wax with an orbital polisher. This will give your vehicle a noticeably smooth and shiny finish.

$99, plus tax (does not including wash)  The 3-step process takes a little longer (minimum 90 minutes) because we add a glazing process after using the Nano exfoliation and before we apply the wax. This process provides the most smooth, beautifully shiny finish that will last the longest of all our wax processes.

$20, plus tax. While natural wax has to be applied several times a year to keep your car looking clear and shiny, synthetic wax can last for up to a year before needing to be reapplied.

$25, plus tax.  We can turn that gray trim back to a shiny black finish using our professional Meguiar’s trim rejuvenation treatment.

–  All above services do not include the required car wash package.  Add a Basic Clean Wash package or better wash .

Interior Detailing

Spilled coffee? Crushed cereal wedged into the seats? Sand from your last outing to the beach? Taking your special someone on a nice date? All good reasons to look into our extensive interior detailing services, so we can make sure that the inside of your car looks just as amazing as the outside.

Interior Detailing Services include:

$35, plus tax.  When your interior surfaces need more than a dusting, this service cleans all interior vinyl, leather & plastic surfaces are cleaned which gets the dust, dirt, grime and scuff marks off doors, dash, center console , steering wheel, and interior trim.  Due to intensive use, wear and tear, seat cleaning is an additional $20 per row charge.

$35, plus tax.  When your carpets need more than vacuuming, we can shampoo your carpets to get out stains and grime.

$20, plus tax. If your vehicle’s interior gets flooded, it is extremely important to remove any standing water. In South Florida climate, mold can grow quickly. Our process is to first remove the water using our extractor and then proceed to shampoo the carpet. If your seats also got soaked, we strongly advise adding the seat cleaning service. (Busy Bee Car Wash will not perform a water extraction service without a full carpet shampoo.) *** Vehicles with standing water may require more than the allocated 10 minutes for our regular service which will result in a higher price. ***

$20 per row, plus tax  Due to the intensive wear & tear of seats, we do not include seat cleaning (other than dusting or vacuuming) with our Super Interior service. Let us see the quality of your seats to see how we can restore the shine and appearance.

$20, plus tax. Our Ozone treatment is an extremely effective odor eliminator because the ozone (O3) attacks odors at their source. As ozone fills the interior it immediately begins to oxidize tobacco odors, pet odors, food odors and musty smells that cling to surfaces, and even flows into air vents, cracks and crevices.

–  All above services do not include the required car wash package.  Add a Basic Clean Wash package or better wash .